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Choosing the right audiovisual technology takes more than a Google search. ALTA is the AV partner you've been looking for. We supply, design and install your new audiovisual equipment & systems.

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Faders on a Front of house Digital Audio Console

Get a resilient audiovisual system to unify your team....

Audio Systems
Video Systems
Lighting Systems
Power Systems
IP & Network Systems
Communication Systems
Facility Systems
Audio Systems

PA Systems

Create sound that moves people. From point source, to line array, and immersive 3D speaker systems.

Mixing Consoles

Mix your inputs to create the sound you desire with the latest digital audio mixing consoles.

Wireless Audio

Provide wireless in-ear-monitoring to your musicians, and capture your sources with pristine wireless microphone kits.

Acoustical Engineering

Ensure your spaces are conducive to the experience you want with acoustic treatment and acoustic abatement solutions.

Effects & Processing

Polish your mix and take it to the next level with a professional-grade audio effects engine.

Video Systems

Cameras & Capture

Capture your content with high definition cameras, lenses and the right support equipment like tripods, pedestals and jibs.

Switching & Processing

Cut, mix and key your inputs with video switchers.

Routers & Distribution

Send your signal to the right places at the right time with video routers and distribution amplifiers.

Streaming & Broadcast

Broadcast your message to the world, or just to a select few with resilient streaming technology.

Record & Ingest

Record and Ingest with broadcast-quality capture decks.

Displays & Monitoring

Show, don't tell, with the right display technology, from jumbotron sized LED video walls to control room monitor walls and digital signage solutions.

Graphics & Media Servers

Generate dynamic content for your live production with CG & Media Servers.

Lighting Systems

House & Architectural Lighting

Illuminate your facility with intelligent LED lighting solutions - whether for a lobby, office or auditorium.

Control Systems

Provide easy operation with architectural wall stations, or advanced features with a lighting control surface or lighting console.

Stage & Theatrical Lighting

No one likes looking at a black stage. Provide definition and texture with the right application of theatrical lighting.

Dimming & Relay

Achieve precise control over incandescent, halogen or LED lighting via dimming systems and relay systems.


Create a dynamic canvas for your lighting designs with smoke, fog and haze systems.

Truss, Rigging & Motors

Provide mounting points for your lighting, from simple floor supported truss to intelligent chain motors.

Power Systems

Sequencing & Relays

IP controlled sequencing and relay systems allow for complex systems to be powered up and down in the correct sequence.

UPS & Backups

Keep moving when the power goes out with battery backups.

Show Power

Provide hundreds of amps of user-connectable show power for your stage.


From simple surge protection to voltage regulation, providing clean power increases the lifespan of your tech.

IP & Network Systems

Network Connectivity

Connect your tech to each other and the world, with fully managed network infrastructure designed to grow with you.


Backup to the cloud or to cost-effective magnetic media.

Online & Near Line Storage

Provide data access to those who need it, be that online storage optimized for editing or near-line storage for quick file retrieval.

Communication Systems


Connect your team members to one another with robust and resilient intercom solutions - from wired to wireless, single site to multisite.


Cloud hosted VOIP systems that tie in with your physical hardware.

Facility Systems

Venue Automation

Reduce staff overheads and streamline your user experience with one-touch venue automation systems that allow non-tech users to bring your technology to life.

Blinds & Drapes

Automated blinds that react to a touch.

We work hard to deliver effective audiovisual systems that rise to meet your challenges.

01 Strategize
02 Design
03 Plan
04 Install
05 Train
06 Support
07 Maintain
01 Strategize

ALTA provides technical solutions that move your organization closer to reaching its vision. We do this by first understanding your vision, and then working with you to craft a strategy that meets your needs.

02 Design

There's more to a system than just plugging it in. A comprehensive system design will take all elements of the system into account and make sure they operate as one.

03 Plan

Implementing a new system involves managing many moving parts and stakeholders. Our Project Management team is experienced in managing projects of all shapes and sizes.

04 Install

This is the fun part, where we begin to see your new system take shape in real time. Our team of Installation Technicians spring to action to install and configure the components of your new system.

05 Train

The right technology is only half of the picture. Training your team on how to operate and troubleshoot your new system ensures that you get the most out of your investment.

06 Support

If something goes wrong, you need a reliable team to help you diagnose and rectify the problem. Our Support team is reachable across a variety of channels and will work with you to troubleshoot the issue.

07 Maintain

Your new system will need maintenance. We can teach your team how to perform maintenance tasks, or we can take care of system maintenance for you.

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ALTA was founded at the beginning of 2020, and while the world was shutting down, Alex & Adam were helping churches and businesses reach their audiences online.

Since that first project, ALTA has quickly grown and now employs a range of specialists and experts across multiple technologies and disciplines.

ALTA is a fully-remote workplace headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.
Alex Cvitanovice is the CEO and co-founder of ALTA Systems

Alex Cvitanovic

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Alex Cvitanovice is a co-founder of ALTA Systems

Adam Oldacre


You've got questions? We've got answers.

What is an integrator and why do we need one?

An Integrator is a company that designs, builds and implements complex and interconnected technology systems for your organization. 

How much should we budget?

This question is on everyones mind, and there's a reason- it's hard. A good integrator will first get to understand your needs and objectives before putting forward a budget. While we cant give a price guidance here, we will say that good system designs that deliver on your goals will always cost more than you expect.

Is there a minimum spend commitment?

We have no minimum price, however we do have base-rates that we will cover during your obligation-free discovery session. 

Does ALTA offer finance?

Finance can be an attractive way to preserve cashflow capital. We work with a number of finance partners and we'd be happy to make an introduction at your request. We can also work with your own finance solution from your bank.

What if I don't know where to start?

Don't panic. We're here to help you plan your new system roll-out and ensure it goes smoothly. The first step is to book your obligation-free discovery session. You'll walk away with a clear path of your next steps.

What kinds of organizations does ALTA work with?

Technology systems can help most organizations meet their objectives. We work with churches, businesses, surgery centers, legal offices, event spaces, hospitality venues, auto dealerships, engineering firms, architects... just about anyone who has some kind of business problem that can be solved through technology.

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