8 Essential Components of the Hybrid Conference Room

05.12.22 04:24 PM By Alex
We’re finally returning back to the office, and in record numbers. Companies all across the country have reopened for business and are welcoming their teams back to in-person meetings. 

After two years of remote work, believe me when I say that we are ready. But our conference rooms… well, that's a different storyDated and cumbersome tech just doesn’t cut it in today's hybrid world, where more meetings take place with remote participants than ever before.

We’ve compiled this list of essential Conference Room Audiovisual Tech to help CTO’s & Companies prepare their Conference Rooms for hybrid meetings.

In this article:

​1. Panoramic Displays

The display is by and large the most important element of your conference room, because it is where your team looks to see strategy, presentations and remote participants. 

Gone are the days where an 85” tv from Walmart gets the job done. Now, companies are turning to innovative displays like borderless LED panels. 

One of our favorite products is this 21:9 display from Jupiter - it is 8 feet of high definition glory, complete with its own interactive built in apps for productivity. The ability to multitask with different apps on screen at the same time, or show a presentation next to live video of your virtual participants is truly a game changer.

​2. Single Touch Conferencing

Your team shouldn’t waste time trying to figure out how things work. As Sundar Pichai from Google mentioned at #GoogleIO2022  “Computers should adapt to humans, not the other way around”. We couldn’t agree more. 

Cutting edge technology from brands like Q-Sys are capable not only of automating your conference room, but it also cuts downtime by a factor of 5. Less tech troubles, more time to get the meeting rolling.

​3. Intelligent Array Microphones

Hello, can you hear me? Is there an echo? Those problems are left behind thanks to innovative array microphone systems from brands like Shure & Sennheiser. 

Designed specifically to capture audio sources from multiple points in the room, your remote team hears just as well as those in the room (and sometimes, it sounds better than actually being in the room). 

Paired with the right speakers & audio processing, participants on both sides of the glass can take part in the collaboration.

​4. High Definition Cameras

Consumer webcams have no place in the modern conference room. High definition, motorized and spatially aware camera systems were developed to ensure that no matter who is speaking, they can be seen by those joining remotely.  The Logitech Meetup is a great solution for small meeting rooms.

​5. Automated Room Controls

Your conference room should be able to adapt to any purpose. Sometimes, we need to dim the lights and close the blinds to remove the glare. This can all be accomplished by your users with the touch of a single button. A miracle of modern engineering.

​6. Show Me The Power

Everyone in your conference room has a laptop. And a cell phone. And a tablet. All of these devices need to be charged. 

Don’t make your CFO crawl under the table to plug their laptop in. 

Instead, a properly designed conference room will provide ample power connectivity options built into the desk. It’s also common to find ethernet ports for high-bandwidth connectivity when needed.

​7. Automated Record & Web Streaming

Sometimes you need to keep a copy of a meeting for the records. Other times, you need to stream to an online audience (for example - a webinar or customer presentation). 

Don’t rely on human memory to press that record button, but rather automate the recording and archive of these essential files. Solutions from Resi.io enable recording & streaming to be scheduled from a web browser.

​8. Room Scheduling

There’s nothing more awkward than having to boot a group out of a room when they’ve gone overtime, or worse- when someone has commandeered the room without a booking. 

There are a plethora of great solutions to manage room availability and scheduling, and many of these integrate directly with Google Workplace and Microsoft Office 365 platforms.  

The Logitech Tap Scheduler is one of our favorites. 

With the right technology for your business, your conference room can transform from a thorn in the CTO’s side to a venue that the entire team enjoys using. As an audiovisual engineer, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing productive teams enjoying technology. 

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