Navigating Inflation & Your Tech Projects

05.13.22 10:51 AM By Alex

We all hoped 2022 would be the year things got ‘back on track’ - the pandemic was fading and things were looking up. Then we have the war in Ukraine, and the nasty-beast of inflation has reared its ugly head once again. 

Churches & Businesses can feel inflation pain especially when large projects are being planned or are underway. The changing price of goods often means that ambitions need to be scaled back or projects pushed off to a later date. 

We’ve been navigating supply chain disruptions for two years now, and these are our key takeaways:

  • Those shopping for the cheapest price should be prepared to wait many months for their goods to arrive. In fact, the cheaper the good, the longer the wait time is.
  • Those who need an urgent replacement should be prepared to pay above market price to get their products quickly. Buying from Amazon has become the norm to get an in-stock item quickly, and sellers charge you a premium for this.
  • Those who plan ahead are rewarded with the opportunity to complete their projects both on time and on budget. But this is rare, in our experience only 5% of tech leaders are adequately planning ahead, most are reactionary (and pay the price).

Remember the old adage “Fast/Good/Cheap: Pick two”? These days, it’s more like “pick one-and-a-half”.

I hope this information will help you as you plan your next project. Book a consultation with our team today to see how we can help you navigate your projects during these uncertain times.