Our proven formula for tech projects.

05.22.22 11:51 AM By Alex

We’ve been involved with many major projects over the years, and we’ve always noticed that the successful ones seem to follow a recipe. This is the formula of key ingredients that we have observed: 

  1. Strategy: Define what success is. Beyond simply writing down your plan, a tech strategy aligns church & business leaders and teams around a common vision. From this common vision springs forth the foundation for a successful project. Competing visions are expensive and wasteful diversions.

  2. Design: Google can't answer every problem. While useful in researching a particular piece of tech, Google won't show you how to make 100’s of individual components function together in harmony. (That’s where Integrators like ALTA can add value to your project)

  3. Planning: Great ideas poorly executed rarely have great outcomes. Without planning, a winning strategy and great design can fall apart at the seams.

  4. Installation: The best technology in the world is useless when it’s installed incorrectly. We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of dollars of the best gear ‘wasted’ on poor installations. Again, this is an area where your integrator adds value and ensures you get the most from your investment.

  5. Training: Similar to point 4, without the right training your team will be unable to extract all of the potential from your new system. A good integrator trains, trains and trains their customers on how to operate their new systems.

  6. Support: When something goes wrong, who you gonna call? When choosing an integrator, ask what their support procedures are, and if they have a ticketing system in place for your requests. Complex and interconnected systems often need expert troubleshooting to diagnose problems. (At ALTA we offer this to our customers - for free)

  7. Maintenance: Nothing lasts forever, but with the right maintenance you can extend the lifespan of a piece of technology dramatically. We teach our customers how to maintain their systems, and we can even perform the routine maintenance if they want to be hands-off.

Take these 7 elements into consideration for your next tech project- all are essential to reaching successful outcomes for your church or business. (If you need help navigating this process, meet with our team to see if we’d be a good fit for a potential partnership.)